1-¿Cómo definirías tu empresa? Especialidades, fortalezas, valores, recursos con los que contáis, experiencia…

ADC Group is the company that organizes the Bea World – The International Festival of Events and Live Communication, this year in Milan from 26th to 30th of november. The Festival is a platform where the demand of services in events can meet the suppliers offer. This is particularly effective in the Bea World Awards, hosted inside the festival, that this year celebrates the 14th edition.  The jury – composed by more than 40 among corporate clients, associations and media – judge ‘live’ the finalist projects presented by the agecies. During the Festival is also possible to meet the clients on the base of an agenda that is possible to build through our app. Our mission, our most important value and our positioning can be resumed in the claim ‘Where Creativity meets business’.

2-¿Cuáles son vuestros objetivos en la compañía? ¿Hasta dónde queréis llegar?

Our objective is to consolidate the leadership of the Festival as an international benchmark for the community of event and live communication. Today we have professionals coming from 29 countries, mainly from Europe. In the next years we aim to involve contries from all the other Regions of the World. I must say that we are on the good road. In the last edition we had entries and delegates coming from india, China, Gulf Region, Canada , US, and Brasil.

3-¿Nos cuentas sintéticamente un trabajo reciente que haya llevado a cabo tu empresa en un evento y del que estéis orgullosos? Objetivos y consecución de resultados.

Notwithstanding different attempts up to two years ago in Italy didn’t exist an association dedicated to the live communication industry. So we, as ADC Group, decided to create the Club degli Eventi e della Live Communication. It has been a tough work but, finally, we succeeded in engaging more than 40 among the best agencies in Italy. Since then we signed an agreement with association of clients regarding the correct rules to follows in the pitches, we wrote a code of conduct that the members are advised to follow, we created a tool regarding the intellectual property, etc.. And, even more important, we created an esprit de corps that surely has helped a lot in making the competion more fair.

4- ¿Qué valor añadido proporcionáis a una agencia de eventos?

We give the agencies that participate to the Bea World festival the possibility to get in touch and create a network with clients and collegues. We have evidence that it works from what happened in the past editions. Some syndication of agencies were born at Bea, a new pan-european association, and many clients engaged new agencies that met at the Festival.

5- ¿Qué opinión te merece AEVEA?

For our organizatin AEVEA is the most important stakeholder as for the Spanish event agencies sector and we are partners for ages. In AEVEA are the best structures with the most brilliant minds. They are very active in all the areas where the business, and its issues, are concerned and thy are doing a great job to make the local industry grow. It is really a pleasure to have such a good relationship with them.

6-¿Qué mensaje mandarías al sector?

We are living a era of suspicion, distrust, hostility towards who doesn’t belong to our strict enviroment. Fortunately, the live communication industry speaks the same language all over the world and professionals can do a lot for overcoming the barriers. So, the message is clear. It is important to create bridges and not walls among the differrent cultures.

Salvatore Sagone


ADC Group